LeanTek® Product Range

Since 1992, Trilogiq has been offering the LeanTek® product range to customers in every manufacturing industry around the world.    LeanTek was first used extensively throughout the automotive industry to meet the objectives of Lean Manufacturing.  It is built around principles of strength, functionality, and durability making it ideal for manufacturing environments.



Steel tubing forms the main structure of all projects. Tubes are a standard 28.6mm outer diameter and are galvanised inside and outside before receiving a 0.8mm thermoplastic coating. Wall thicknesses are available in 1.25mm (T1) or 2.0mm (T2). The choice of tubing depends on the application.

Connector joints


A comprehensive range of components are available. Trilogiq Connector Joints are manufactured from steel using a progressive stamping process. This ensures consistent quality and regularity. Each joint is finished with a reinforced black zinc coating to prevent corrosion and provide high impact resistance. The extensive range of joints allows for an unrivalled range of tubing configurations.



LeanTek® is further supported by a full range of accessories to expand the functionality of the system. Roller racks, conveyors, guides, racks, label holders, castors, and metal base parts ensure that customers can fully customise LeanTek® within their operating environment.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Range


Tubing and connectors in the LeanTek® range are available in Electrostatic Discharge versions. Tubing includes carbon in the thermoplastic coating and connectors have a specific silver zinc finish.

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