GRAPHIT® Product Range

GRAPHIT®: A practical, innovative, and attractive solution to modular design.

GRAPHIT® Product RangeWhat are our real expectations from a logistics system in the 21st century? We certainly expect it to be modular, adaptable, light, accurate, ergonomic, and to offer complete freedom. What can new technologies based on composite materials bring to the table that hasn't already been done?

It's this very question that prompted Trilogiq to design GRAPHIT®, an innovative modular system made from re-designed tubes and connectors. New composite materials have enabled the exploration of high-tech solutions previously unreachable. They have pushed boundaries further than ever in order to improve and renew usage practices.
In a clean break from classic Lean Manufacturing systems, we have painstakingly studied, rethought, reworked, and improved everything. GRAPHIT® is the culmination of over two years’ joint research with specialist laboratories and suppliers. This has included multiple prototypes, tests, trials, and digital simulations to ensure a market leading product.

The GRAPHIT® system lends itself to many applications across scientific, health care, retail, food manufacturing, and other demanding high-tech industries.
For every issue involving the improvement of production operations or logistical efficiency, there is a GRAPHIT® solution. Engineering and ingenuity join forces.

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