GRAPHIT® Features

The GRAPHIT® range provides key features unavailable in any other modular system. In addition, the weight saving provides further benefits in operator comfort. On average, when compared to steel counterparts, connectors weigh 50% less when using composite and 60% less when using carbon.

GRAPHIT® tubes have also evolved and are adapted to the unique characteristics of the new connectors. Trilogiq offers tubing in stainless steel, anodised aluminium (in 2.0mm or 3.5mm wall thicknesses), and carbon.

The benefits of the new GRAPHIT® range are;


VeryGrip®: a gripping, coupling and adjustment system which redefines its own standards.

Existing metal systems rely on mechanical grip to provide strength – holes, drilling, deformation, and mechanical anchoring. VeryGrip® combines a soft grip from a high performance Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) that provides a strong, confident adhesion between connector and tube. This TPU adheres to the tube seamlessly, without damaging the tube or connector, with exceptional precision.


InstantMatch®: exceptionally straightforward assembly.

Whilst providing the functionality of a tubular steel system InstantMatch® greatly improves the ease of assembly and reduces the effort required.
Screw insertion and tightening is now astoundingly simple. TPU has been added to the insertion points, holding the nut firmly in position, freeing one of the operator’s hands. The joints are also interlocking which helps alignment and assembly. Overall, a saving of 30% assembly time.


SoftAdjust®: ease of adjustment.

With SoftAdjust® connectors are freed up allowing them to be moved around with exceptional ease. Adjustments and different positions leave no mark or trace on either the tube or connectors. The ultimate performance in a completely re-usable system!


MonoBlok®: closing and sealing.

The use of bi-material technology has created a TPU connection across the entire circumference of all joints. Your GRAPHIT® system is resistant to liquid penetration and chemical corrosion. The system stays cleaner longer which guarantees a long service life. Goodbye rust and corrosion!

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