Customer Solutions


Trilogiq has a successful history of working with customers to design and install custom solutions that provide a direct benefit to our customer’s productivity, health and safety environment, and continuous improvement practices.

Some areas that Trilogiq can assist in are stock control of parts and finished goods, improving the production process, and operator safety and ergonomics. Examples include work stations, kitting trolleys, tool stations, work cells, order picking trolleys, warehousing staging areas, and parts trolleys.
Our product is available as parts (BOM) or a complete turnkey solution. The turnkey solution encapsulates the entire project lifecycle and includes design, supply, and assembly.

Customer Solutions


Customer Support

Trilogiq Australia prides itself on providing responsive service to customer enquiries. Experienced sales and service staff have in-depth knowledge of customer requirements, backed by a culture of providing consistently high levels of service. This is demonstrated in a number of long-term customer relationships with businesses across automotive, aeronautics, retail, medical, transportation, and manufacturing.

Stock availability

A dedicated warehouse is located in Melbourne, Australia.  From this location stock is carefully maintained to ensure that a Direct In-Full and On-time (DIFOT) service is available. This is for customers that prefer to order our modular system and build their own projects. Trilogiq Technicians are also available to those customers who haven’t the time or available resources to assemble their projects (see our assembly options below).


Design and project management is staffed by experienced personnel. Concept designs are available from the early stages of project management and are updated throughout the partnership process. Your specific requirements are used to create a custom solution designed in 3D software. This is then provided to your team to ensure complete stakeholder approval for each project. Once approved, the project is ready for assembly by your staff or Trilogiq Technicians.

Customer Solutions


Experienced Trilogiq Technicians are available to professionally assemble all project work. This ensures that projects can be introduced to your work environment quickly. This is preferred by many of our customers because it is less disruptive to their working environment and ensures that the benefits of the project can be enjoyed immediately.
Trilogiq personnel are also available as a ‘Hoshin’ service. This is a team working on-site throughout the entire project lifecycle; design to assembly. The benefit is that it produces a rapid solution (normally within days) compared to longer lead times.

The next step is to contact us so that we can assist you. Please use the Enquiry Form on the Contact Page of this website.

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